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Packaging design

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We offer you our expertise and skills in the design of food and non-food packaging.
We design designs that combine strategic approach and creativity with strong technical expertise. Our designs are done taking into consideration many parameters :

  • Target market.
  • Trends.
  • In-store positioning.
  • Technical constraints : design , colors, dimensions, Illustration.

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Packaging development

#PackagingDevelopment #PackagingRelooking

In an increasingly competitive context, consumers are spoiled for choice in terms of brands. There have never been so many choices for a product.

Our experts offer you permanent development in order to meet to market trends and consumer demands, relying on your brand platform, we design several creative proposals, distinct, but which all respond to the desired look.

We are bold to allow you to stand out, and this, always with an objective of creating long-term value.


#PackagingShooting #Image #Photography

The packshot is a high quality photograph of a product, used to present your product in a catalog, on a website or even on your future advertising media.

Product launches or a communication campaign, we support you in creating your packshots in order to enhance your products on your advertising media and your promotional tools.

  • Our packshots are made on a neutral background, often white with professional retouching (removal of dust and minor defects).

Graphic design & POS

#PointOfSaleAdvertising #CarWrapping #Signage #CommunicationMedia #Posters

Our team is always attentive to your needs, we offer our skills to help you create your visuals and the layout of your advertising media.
We design materials on consistent with your brand identity and your graphic charter to improve the impact of your communication at points of sale.

  • Point of Sale Advertising : RollUp, Banner, Display stands, PhotoCall.
  • Signage : Indoor Signage, Adhesive, Car wrapping.
  • Communication media : Brochures, Catalog, Posters.

Digital Design

#Content On Social Networks #Visual Web Content #Digital Media

Digital has become a weapon of mass communication, with a good approach and/or strategy a superb images and visuals that are capable of nourishing the DNA of your brand and story-telling of your successes .
Dezayna service has brought a perfect team who will guide you to make the right strategic and digital choices in order to give your product the positioning it deserves.

  • Content On Social Networks : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Visual Web Content : Images, Videos, Slides, Banners.
  • Digital Media : E-Catalog, E-Brochure, E-Business Card.

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